Crossroads Center & Rescue Mission (Hastings, NE)

Posted on September 19, 2018.

There is something so beautiful and Christ-like about loving somebody exactly how they are -- not after they've changed, not after they've proved that they've doen all these great things and started fresh, but right in the messiness of their struggle.

When the Lord looked at who He was going to save, He didn't look at how bad or far gone they were. He just loved them. Here, we see a lot of hope and a lot of heartbreak. We see people fall and rise up again. And we see friends like you supporting them every step of the way.

You give because you care, not because we do or don't deserve it. And that unconditional love of yours empowers us to love our guests unconditionally, too. To reach our with the resources and support they need to find new life in Him.

The Lord is honored in your giving. He's honored, because you're helping those He cares the most about -- the broken-hearted, the helpless, the orphaned, the widowed. Through your generous support, you create opportunities for them to find hope in Him, and that is the greatest gift you can give.

As we approach this coming season of gratitude, please continue to pray for our Crossroads family and support us through your generous gifts, donations, and love. None of this work woulkd be possible without you.

~ Jerry Bumgardner

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