At Our Church

Adult Education (Junior High - Adult)--Arick Johanson & Chad Ferguson

Adult and Youth (Junior & Senior High) Bible Classes on Sunday morning are a place where students and adults can learn about God's truth and grow spiritually.

Audio-Visual (Computer) & Sound Board--Geneice Smith & Jim Piper

Help the congregation worship and experience God in meaningful ways through the means of sound, lighting and visuals.

Benevolence--Judy Woods, Tina & Don Nelson   

Helps families in need with utilities, rent, food, gas, etc. along with any other physical needs.  Christmas Home Mission is one of our main focuses during the year (fruit baskets, food baskets and gas).

Building & Grounds--David Blome & Gaynor Smith

Maintain provide improvements to the church building and grounds.

C4 Youth Group--Chad Ferguson

A Sunday evening student ministry for Junior High (6th-8th Grades) and Senior High (9th-12th Grade) students. It provides a safe, fun and encouraging environment for students to learn about God’s truth.

Children's Events--Arick Johanson & Chad Ferguson

A safe and fun environment for children to come and experience God’s love with different events throughout the year.

Decorating--Robyn VonSpreckelsen

Creates accents and themes to help make our facility warm, attractive and inviting.

Food and Fellowship--Jenelle Herman

Provide food and a community building atmosphere for fellowship meals at the church, and set up for these meals and clean up afterwards.

Gifts and Encouragement--Denise Godtel & Nancy Godtel

Providing gifts and encouragement to those in need, such as those in the hospital, confined to home, loss of a loved one, etc.

Guest Services--Kyle Thatcher & Jan Stratman

Exits to make everyone coming to church on Sunday mornings feel welcome. We fill any needs our guests have, arrange communion servers, and make Sunday mornings in general run smoothly.

Junior Worship/Kingdom Kids-- Sharon Smith & Chad Ferguson

A Sunday morning program for children from Kindergarten to 4th Grade during the sermon. It provides age-appropriate lessons and activities for the children to learn about God’s truth.

Library-- Cheryl Green & Mona Thatcher

Books, DVDs, CDs and other materials to supplement your knowledge and walk with Christ.

Meals 4 Sharing--Renee Gavin & Sandy Livgren

Providing meals and food for those in need during difficult and transitional times.

Men's Ministry--

Bringing men to a closer walk with God with Bible Studies and service.


Desires to reach the lost and expand the congregation's Kingdom mindset through missions and outreach involvement. The team allocates funds and develops ongoing partnerships with global and local mission partners.

Nursery--Heather Dick

A safe place for infants 6 weeks-2 years to go during Bible Class and Sunday Morning Service.

Nursing Home--Ken Lockling & Arick Johanson

Minister to those who are generally confined to home or a nursing facility by providing worship, communion, light teaching, and prayer on a monthly or as needed basis.

Primary Education (Birth - 5th Grade)-- Arick Johanson & Chad Ferguson

Children Bible Classes for children from birth through 5th Grade. It provides a safe and fun place for children to learn God’s truth through age-appropriate lessons and activities.

Safety/Emergency Response Ministry--David Woods, David Blome & Chris Slocum 

Provide a safe and secure environment within the church building and on the church grounds for staff, members, and guests to gather, worship and serve.

Wee Worship--Deb Drake

A Sunday morning program for children ages 2-5 during the worship. It provides age-appropriate lessons and activities for the children to learn about God’s truth.

Women's Ministry--

Grows gals for the glory of God.

Worship--Jon Spilker & Peggy Chessmore

Help the congregation worship and experience God in meaningful ways, primarily through music.