Christian Student Fellowship

Posted on September 1, 2018.

A few days ago, I got to take my daughter to her first Husker game. After enjoying a pre-game Runza, fighting the crowds on our bikes, and waiting among thousands of people excited to see a new era begin, we finally arrived to our seats in row 77. This ended up being the game that was postponed due to lightning and then cancelled due to rain. Lots of electrifying highlights, but none of them happening on the field. As we stood there singing along with thousands and watching the lightning dance, I looked across at the student section. After almost 2 hours of delay, I don't think a single student had left the bleachers. In that moment, I was reminded of their enthusiasm and of the impact those young people can have in our world! The energy and passion you see in football stadiums aroudn the nation is the same energy and passion that can ignite a movement of Christ-followers on our campuses. God wants to work in them and through them!

In our first few weeks of this school year, I'm incredibly excited by the impact we're seeing on each of our 7 campuses. Our staff members are working incredibly hard to equip student leaders, host events for new students, lead worship events on campus, and simply get to know as many names and stories as possible.

We need your help so that we can be as effective as possible in reaching students on these campuses!

We are half-way thorugh our 2nd annual CSF 300 campaign. We are praying to see every number from 1 to 300 be represented in a one-time special gift. The funds invested through this campaign go straight toward our Student Ministry budget. Here are just a few things that budget category includes:

  • One-on-one appointments between our staff and new students;
  • Fall and winter retreats;
  • Bible study materials;
  • Food for fellowship gatherings;
  • Promotional materials.

Together, we can be part of God's work to unleash a movement of college students on our campuses and ultimately in our world.

~ Dan Walter, CSF director

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