Esther Reading Plan











Big Idea of the Series: This 7-week series through the book of Esther emphasizes God’s sovereignty, love, and protection—even though we don’t always see it.




Esther Reading Plan:                                                                

April 23-28, Read: Esther 4, April 29, Guest Speaker: Luke Kilewer, Topic: God’s Sovereignty

April 30-May 5, Read: Esther 5, May 6, Graduation Recognition, Topic: Miraculous, Courage

May 7-12, Read: Esther 6, May 13, Topic: God’s Sovereignty   

May 14-19, Read: Esther 7-8, May 20, Topic: Reward

May 21-26, Read: Esther 9-10, May 27, Topic: Jesus, Salvation