Adult Bible Class

 Room 109, all ages of Adults-Led by Kyle Thatcher, Ed Harms, or Chad Ferguson

In this Bible study, you’ll learn how to move from “fan” of Jesus to a true follower. For more information, contact Kyle Thatcher at                                 402-762-5932.








Room 111, all ages of Adults-Led by Clay Fisher

10-week Finance Peace University course, at 9:30 am. Week 7 on Sunday, Feb. 24. For more information, contact Clay Fisher at 402-762-5491.






Room 110, all ages of Adults - Led by Ken Locking or Butch Stratman (Standard Lesson Commentary)




The Standard Lesson Commentary is an adult Sunday School that goes verse-by-verse through the Bible. In this study, you will go through the Bible one book at a time and see what God has to say through His Word. 












 Room 112, all ages of Adults- Led by Steven VonSpreckelsen or Jon Spilker (Truth Seekers)